Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Home Improvement Projects

When summer time finally rolls around everyone's attention turns to the outdoors. Backyard barbecues, pool parties and trips to the beach start to fill up our calendars for the warm months. While all of the fun summer activities keep us busy, many people also see summer as the perfect time for some home improvements. Keep in mind that just because most of our time revolves around being outside, all of your projects don't have to. Summer is a great time for planning some future projects and doing some interior work.

One project that creeps up in people's mind during the summer is installing a pool. The hot weather can make anyone want to start digging up the backyard so they can finally cool off. Summer however, may not be the best time to actually have that pool installed. You may want to consider spending the summer months planning your pool installation and taking a good look at how you really want to utilize your backyard. On average (depending on the size of the project and the season) it can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks for pool installation. If you begin the process at the start of summer, by the time it is finished, you won't really have any time to enjoy it. It's better to take the time to plan it out, research and find out what you really want. Then, once fall or the end of winter rolls around, have that pool installed. When the first hot day hits, you will be ready to lounge the day away!

Another great project for the summer months is repaving and resurfacing. If you have a driveway, the summer is the perfect time to have it repaved. The dry, hot days of summer are the best time for this project because the asphalt will adhere much better. It is a general rule of thumb to avoid repaving when it is raining or snowing. If you have other walkways on your property, summer is the time to tackle repairs. Check the mortar on any brick walkways to make sure you don't have any crumbling. If you have concrete walks check for cracks and crumbling as well. Summer is also a great time to resurface your deck. Deck surfaces always can use a little TLC and this is a project that can typically be finished in a weekend. Get that old paint scraped off and put a fresh new coat on or get the wood resealed and stained. It will make a huge difference in both appearance and the lifespan of your deck.

One final home improvement idea that is great to tackle during the summer is a new fence. A new fence can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of you home and yard. There are a ton of choices now from chain link, to wooden, vinyl and privacy fences. Depending on what your needs are (kids, pets, etc) and how much maintenance you want will depend on what kind of fence you have installed. Talk with an expert to decide which material will be best for your yard. This is a project best left to a professional unless you are a seasoned do-it-yourselfer with some experience in fencing. Summer is a great time for this project because the ground is nice and soft so digging all those post holes will be less labor intensive. This is a project that can usually be done in a weekend and will give you plenty of enjoyment and security for many years.

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