Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Home Remodeling Coaches - What Should You Expect Your Remodeling Coach to Do For You?

Why spend the money on a coach? I've said before that a good remodeling or building coach could make you into your own master builder. When you're in charge, you can get more of what you want, save money at the same time, and feel the sense of accomplishment for doing something not many people have done.
How is this accomplished? What is it that a good coach can do for you? Here's an outline of services and benefits you should expect by hiring a building professional as your project coach.
When interviewing professionals to be your coach, ask them if they have the following:
1) Access to and personal knowledge about all the building industry professionals that you'll need for your project.  
From architects to engineers, and lenders to contractors, the best coaches will have a whole list of professionals they trust. Do you need a good designer? They should have choices for you. Do you wonder where your building materials will come from? They will know.
2) Easy to follow process management tools and schedules to help you complete your project. 
This is a must. You need a step by step process to guide you through. Without this, you'll be wasting time and at times you'll be heading down the wrong path. Be very clear during your interviews that you want to see their program to help you with this.
3) A systematic schedule of communication. 
Here is one of the biggest differences between a General Contractor and a home building or remodeling coach. The builder wants to take charge and build ... communication and relations suffer. The coach, as your adviser, should have a system in place to communicate with you regularly. Demand this!
4) Methods to help you with decisions on building materials. 
Your coach could also be your materials supplier. Access to better pricing, knowledge of packaged home companies, and information that will help you decide the best approach for your time and money. These are distinct advantages for every owner builder.
5) Accurate processes and tools to determine the cost to complete your remodel. 
Whether building from scratch or doing a major home improvement, your coach should work closely with you to build and refine your project's costs and budgeting. This help will also be invaluable when it comes to applying for financing.
Hiring the Coach is Step One 
You can see that a Building Coach can assist you in every aspect from the very earliest stages. It should be your first major decision and step once you've decided to engage in your project as an owner builder. A good coach is like having a friend in the construction business.

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